Antwerp East Port

Build a logistics center

Groep Heylen



ASK Romein has built an ultra-modern logistics center for the Heylen Group.  Five out of ten units, with a total area of 50.000 m², were entrusted to ASK Romein.  In just five months, we have realized pole foundations, foundation massifs and beams, the concrete construction with RF-painted steel trusses (1,100 tons of steel), and a rough 1,000 m² of fire walls with concrete panels.  The facade of the buildings features 'white concrete panels' up to a height of five meters, with steel sandwich panels above them.  For the supporting structure of the roof we chose a steel deck.

Furthermore, an under pressure drainage system for rainwater is provided.  The sustainable, multifunctional buildings can be adapted to the customers' needs.  The clearance below the trusses is 12.2 meters nearly everywhere, and the large spans give tenants tremendous flexibility to design the layout of their space.  A super flat concrete floor increases comfort and reduces wear of rolling equipment.

Industrieweg 38
2280 Grobbendonk


  • Wastiau & Co Architectenbureau

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