De Kraker

Design and build for De Kraker residential centre

Slaapland NV



For De Kraker residential centre ASK Romein built:

• an underground car park in concrete (-1) 
• a shopping complex with a concrete structure (0 and +1)
• an upper level with steel roof girders

Based on a few overall instructions from the client, our engineers developed a full Design & Build. Specific within this construction are the curved façade panels that form an elegant accentuation of the geometric whole.

From the start of the project we discussed everything with the architect and worked together as a close-knit construction team throughout the whole process. Thanks to a transparent procedure we developed this Design & Build contract in a cost efficient and time-saving way.

Parklaan 8
2300 Turnhout


  • Architectenbureau Louis Caron BVBA

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