Noordland 12

Realization of a hydrid logistic warehouse

Mepavex Logistics



Noordland 12 is a logistic warehouse, with a 12,500 m² gross floor area.  Its purpose is to store hazardous, mostly chemcal, goods.

ASK Romein developed and realized a hybrid construction in a building team formula, based on a program of demands.  Specific demands and requirements were formulated based on the PGS15 standard.  Furthermore, the client requested serveral stricter demands regarding the building's purpose.  The building consits of four fire compartments, each including eight cells for transshipment.  On top of this, four additional fire compartments were added for expedition purposes, equipped with eight levelers and eight docks.  Two kilometers of flameextinguishing floor ducts were installed in the cells and expedition compartments, built-in in the liquidtight flooring.  These ducts were installed to avoid environmental hazard in case of calamities.  They drain the liquids towards 48 basements.  Additionally, the building has offices, storage rooms, and pallet storage facilities.  it is equipped with a sprinkler system, and the hazardous good area is equipped with a gas-extinguishing equipment, ventilation, heating, and electricity are gathered in the central gateway, the building's artery, in order to operate the entire facility centrally.

Conradweg 16
4612 Bergen op Zoom


  • P. Hoppenbrouwers BV

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