SnowWorld Zoetermeer

The extension of Snow World’s third ski slope.




The ski slope in Zoetermeer was realized by ASK Romein on an old landfill, the track being built on the slope of the landfill, and the restaurant at the foot of the slope. Because of the expected soil subsidence of the slope, an ingenious jack-screw construction was chosen, which allowed for every column of the ski slope to be adjusted separately in height. Because of this, any retrenchment could be corrected.

The maximum jack-screw height is 85 centimeter. The entire construction was closely monitored by means of a laser-driven program for five years after the completion of the construction, during which the columns were jacked up somewhat regularly. After the fourth year, the retrenchment ceased.

The original ski slope comprises a total area of 7,500 m² (210 meter long - 35 meter wide - 50 meter high). The restaurant and associated offices are 2,000 m².

ASK Romein builded the extension of SnowWorld’s third ski slope. It is a design & build contract, in which we extended the original construction with 105 meter, a fair 1,200 tons of steel. A viewing platform at the top of the slope offers a view over the ‘Groene Hart’.

Buytenparklaan 30
2717 Zoetermeer


  • Algra & Marechal Architecten

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